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Accepted articles to be assigned an issue

  1. Yves Tabar et al. "Theoretical study of spectral responses of homojonctions based on CuInSe2 deposited on substrate with or without a window layer: Effect of an Electric Field", Accepted on 26th Sep. 2018.
  2. KOUCHADE Clément et al. "Inverse method using TransPore 1-D code for the mass-diffusivity determination in wood", Accepted on 04th Oct. 2018.
  3. Wilfrid HODE et al. "The Borassus Aethiopum Mart wood frame in the concrete of laterite nodules: appreciation of the rate of adhesion", Accepted on 2nd Nov. 2018.. 
  4. Mohit Mittal et al. "Development of PALF/Glass and COIR/Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Composites", Accepted on 6th Nov. 2018..

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Manuscript Status

Manuscript NumberManuscript TitleDate of Submission BeganStatus DateCurrent Status

Residual Stress and Wear Studies of Deep Cryogenically Treated SAE 52100 Bearing steel
6th Oct 2018
24th Oct 2018
Under Review


​Structural and Magnetic properties of Cu substituted Ni-Zn Nanocrystalline ferrites for MLCI applications
30th Oct 20182nd Nov. 2018
Under Review

*Till now 7800 manuscripts have been rejected so far. The acceptance rate of the JMSSE is 40%