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Accepted articles to be assigned an issue

  1. David Y.K. Toguyeni et al., "Formulation of compressed earth blocks stabilized with lime and Hibiscus sabdariffa fibres showcasing good thermal and mechanical properties", Accepted on 8th June 2018.
  2. F. A. Ahmed et al., "Effect of Ni substitution on structural and magnetic properties of Mn-Zn ferrite nanoparticles", Accepted on 5th July 2018. 
  3. Dagbegnon SINMENOU et al. "The directional thermal diffusivity of rattans of benin, ghana and nigeria by the regular regime method", Accepted on 5th July 2018. 

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Manuscript Status

Manuscript NumberManuscript TitleDate of Submission BeganStatus DateCurrent Status
Study on the Dielectric Behaviour of Indian Magnesite
2nd May 2018
25th May 2018
With Editor
Surface Finish Improvement of FDM Manufactured Parts by PLA Material
15th May 2018
8th June 2018
Revision due
Spectral Study of the Photoconductivity of Semiconductor Type III-V in Permanent Regime and Monochromatic Lighting. Effect of an Electric Field
17th July 201817th July 2018Submitted to the Journal


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