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Accepted articles to be assigned an issue

Special issue on Biotechnology__ICABB-2019
  1. Ayushi Verma et al., "Investigation on the Removal of Direct Red Dye using Aspergillus Niger", Accepted on 26th Mar. 2019. in ICABB-2019
  2. Meenu Agarwal et al., "Insilico drug desinging for human cytomegalovirus IE1: a protein responsible for brain tumour", Accepted on 4th April 2019. ​in ICABB-2019
  3. Indira P Sarethy et al. "Endophytes from Phyllanthus niruri: Selection, Characterization and Metabolite Production", Accepted on 31st May 2019. in ICABB-2019
  4. Vibha Gupta et al., "Detrimental Effects of TB on Socioeconomy of South Asia Region: Feasibility of Achieving END TB Target", Accepted on 8th July 2019. in ICABB-2019
  5. Chakresh Kumar et al. "Computational drug discovery based on natural products against Acinetobacter baumannii", Accepted on 6th Sep. 2019..in ICABB-2019
  6. Pooja et al. "Biological analysis of Yamuna River", Accepted on 6th Sep. 2019. in ICABB-2019

Regular Articles

  1. Rahul Johri et al., "Natural dye sensitized solar cell using solid polymer electrolyte as hole transport material", Accepted on 22nd Aug 2019.. ​ 
  2. M. Hajian Foroushani et al. "Study of microstructure and wear behaviour of duplex stainless steel hardfacing deposits on ferritic ductile iron substrate", Accepted on 9th Oct. 2019.. ​ 

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​Need and Fabrication of Self-Supporting Thin Targets In​ ​Medium Mass Region

10th June 2019

25th July 2019

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JMSSE-661916 ​Assessment Of Plan Form Development Due To Erosion And Deposition Of Soil 28th July 2019 9th Oct 2019

Revision Due

JMSSE-661918 ​Improvement of the energy saving of a house with biosourced materials walls (rice husk-cement) by a judicious choice of its thickness 15th Aug 2019 18th Sep 2019

Under Review

JMSSE-661919 ​Hygrothermic Effects on Compressive Strength of Concrete in the Sahel, Chad   24th Aug 2019 6th Sep 2019

Under Review

JMSSE-661920 A study on 5 amino-2,4-dichlorophenol- 3,5 ditertbuthylsalisylaldimine-Mn(II) complex 4th Oct 2019 10th Oct 2019

Under Review

Special issue on Biotechnology__ICABB-2019


In-silico interaction studies of neuropeptides towards cancer therapeutics

15th Mar 2019

21st Sep 2019

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