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Regular Articles
  1. K Srinivasarao et al, Physical investigations on Ti:ZnO Thin Films by sol-gel spin coating to detect Acetone, Accepted on March 28th 2022. 

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Manuscript Status

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Enhancing gas sensing efficiency of Isopropanol with Spin Coated WO3 thin films

15th Oct 2021
16th Dec 2021

Revision Due


Modification of Interfacial Properties of Organic Device in Presence of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

25th Oct 2021 
23rd Feb 2021

Under Review

Impedance Study of LSM Thin Films as Cathode for SOFC
3rd April 2022
20th April 2022

Under Review

Synthesis and studies of optical properties of Eu3+ doped Gd2O3 phosphor prepared via hydrothermal process
19th April 2022
20th April 2022

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*The acceptance rate of the JMSSE is 60%