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  1. M. Hajian Foroushani et al. "Study of microstructure and wear behaviour of duplex stainless steel hardfacing deposits on ferritic ductile iron substrate", Accepted on 9th Oct. 2019. ​
  2. Jyoti Pandey et al. "Need and Fabrication of Self-Supporting Thin Targets In​ ​Medium Mass Region", Acceptec on 13th Jan. 2020. ​
  3. Vincent PRODJINONTO et al. "Improvement of the energy saving of a house with biosourced materials walls (rice husk-cement) by a judicious choice of its thickness", Accepted on 3rd Feb 2020.
  4. Bozabe Renonet Karka et al. "Hygrothermic Effects on Compressive Strength of Concrete in the Sahel, Chad", Accepted on 30th Jan 2020.. ​
  5. Sabit HOROZ et al. "A study on 5 amino-2,4-dichlorophenol-3, 5 ditertbuthylsalisylaldimine-Mn(II) complex", Accepted on 29th Jan 2020..
  6. KOUDOUGOU SM et al. "Modelling of pavement behavior in tropical hot and dry conditions: numerical approach and comparison on road section", Accepted on 20th Feb 2020.

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​Assessment Of Plan Form Development Due To Erosion And Deposition Of Soil

28th July 2019

9th Oct 2019


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