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Regular Articles
  1. BOZABE Renonet Karka et al. "​Experimental Approach to Soil Research Conforming to Compressed Brick Production for Housing Construction in Chad", Accepted on 19th Oct. 2021. . 
  2. Madki Santosh Jaykumar et al. "Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness of LM2 (Al-9%Si) –Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composite fabricated by Squeeze Casting Method", Accepted on 28th Oct 2021. 
  3. ​Arivuoli et al. "​Sunlight driven Activated carbon modified BiVO4 photocatalyst for the degradation of Rhodamine-B", Accepted on 13th Nov 2021. 
  4. Anand Patil et al., "Synthesis, Characterization and Conductance properties of cobalt chloride doped polyvinyl alcohol / polythiophene (PVA-Co-PTh) nanocomposite films", Accepted on 3rd Dec 2021. .

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Manuscript NumberManuscript TitleDate of Submission BeganStatus DateCurrent Status
Influence of novel electrocatalyst fillers in the nanomechanical behaviour of nafion films at the operating temperature range of PEMFC

22nd April 2021
3rd June 2021

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Enhancing gas sensing efficiency of Isopropanol with Spin Coated WO3 thin films

15th Oct 2021
28th Oct 2021

Under Review

Modification of Interfacial Properties of Organic Device in Presence of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

25th Oct 2021 
26th Oct 2021

Reviewer Invited

Increasing the fatigue life and surface improvement of AL7075 alloy T6 by using ultrasonic ball burnishing Process29th Nov 2021Dec 1st 2021

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