A publication of INScienceIN

Vol. 5, Iss. 6; Aug 2017

Special issue on National Conference NCMDMM-2017, August 3-5, 2017, Karnataka, India.

1. Fabrication of Differently Shaped Tool Electrodes for Micro-EDM
     Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Venugopal T.R. . Amith Kumar . Muralidhara . Rathnamala Rao
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 641-646                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.1 Download PDF

2. Finite Element Simulation of the Machining Process with Different Tool Geometries, using Lagrangian Mesh and Johnson-Cook Material Model                                        

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Ambrish Singh . B.R. Rawal . M. Chouksey . Vinod Pare
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 647-652                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.2 Download PDF

3. Machinability Study of Austenitic Stainless Steel under Wet and Cryogenic Treatment in Face Milling  

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Karthik Rao M C . Arun Kumar Shettigar . Rashmi L. Malghan . Shrikantha S Rao . 
                            Mervin A Herbert
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 653-656                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.3 Download PDF

4. Optimization and Analysis of Surface Roughness and Flank Wear of AISI 304 Stainless Steel using CNC Turning      

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Puneet N. P. . Vasudeva Bhat P. . Sohan P. P. . Sudarshan K.
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 657-660                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.4 Download PDF

5. Performance Evaluation of Coated Carbide Tools in High Speed Turning of Advanced P/M Nickel based Superalloy

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Umashanker Gupta . Hithesh K. . Srinivasa Rao Nandam . Appa Rao G.
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 661-665                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.5 Download PDF

6. Solidification Effect on Aspect Ratio, Grain Size and Dendrite Arm Spacing of Hypoeutectic Chilled Cast Iron

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Vijayakumar . Adaveesh B. . Shashishekar C.
         Volume 5, Issue 6: Page 666-670                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-6.6 Download PDF