A publication of FIR & ICMSR

Vol. 6, Iss. 5; Dec. 2018

This issue is In Progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

1. Development of PALF/Glass and COIR/Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Composites

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Mohit Mittal · Rajiv Chaudhary 
         Volume 6, Issue 5: Page 851-861                                   
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-5.1 Download PDF

2. The Borassus Aethiopum Mart Wood Frame In The Concrete of Laterite Nodules: Appreciation of The Rate of Adhesion  

         Article Type: Research Article
C. W. C. Hodé · V. S. Gbaguidi ·  K. A. Houanou
         Volume 6, Issue 5: Page 862-866                                   
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-5.2 Download PDF

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