Vol. 5, Iss. 2; Mar 2017

1. Surface Composites Defects of Al/Al2O3Metal Matrix Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
     Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Essam B. Moustafa, Samah Mohammed, Sayed Abdel-Wanis, Tamer Mahmoud, 
                            El-Sayed El-Kady
         Volume 5, Issue 2: Page 524-527                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-2.1Download PDF

2. Parallel Development of Microstructure and Electrical Properties in Doped-Zinc Oxide             
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): A.R. Norailiana, B.Z. Azmi, I. Ismayadi, M. Hashim, I. R. Ibrahim, R. Nazlan, 
                            N. H. Abdullah, F. Mohd Idris
         Volume 5, Issue 2: Page 528-532                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-2.2Download PDF

3. Synthesis of Aluminum-Magnesium Silicide (Al-Mg2Si) Alloys and Study of their Mechanical Properties 
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Sundaramoorthy R, R. Ravindran
         Volume 5, Issue 2: Page 533-536                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-2.3Download PDF

4. Tribological and Corrosion Behavior Studies on Cr3C2–NiCr Powder Coating by HVOF Spray Method- A Review          
         Article Type: Review Article
         Author(s): G.Godwin, S.Julyes Jaisingh, M. Shunmuga Priyan 
         Volume 5, Issue 2: Page 537-543                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-2.4Download PDF

5. Phenol Adsorption on Graphite-Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites: Kinetic and Isotherm Study
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Vijaykiran N. Narwade, Vanja Kokol, Rajendra S. Khairnar 
         Volume 5, Issue 2: Page 544-548                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/5-2.5Download PDF