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Vol. 7, Iss. 1; Mar. 2020

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1. Need and Fabrication of Self-Supporting Thin Targets in Medium Mass Region
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Jyoti Pandey · Bhawna Pandey · Rohan D Turbhekar · Deepa Pujara · 
                            S. V. Suryanarayana· H.M. Agrawal
         Volume 7, Issue 1: Page 909-912                                   
         10.jmsse/2348-8956/7-1.1 Download PDF

2. Study of Microstructure and Wear Behaviour of Duplex Stainless Steel Hardfacing Deposits on Ferritic Ductile Iron Substrate
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): M. Hajian Foroushani · M.Shamanian · M. Farghadani
         Volume 7, Issue 1: Page 913-918                                   
         10.jmsse/2348-8956/7-1.2 Download PDF

3. Modeling of Pavement Behavior in Tropical Hot and Dry Conditions: Numerical Approach and Comparison on Road Section
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Sidpouita Mathilde Koudougou· David Yemboini Kader Toguyeni
         Volume 7, Issue 1: Page 919-927                                   
         10.jmsse/2348-8956/7-1.3 Download PDF

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