Vol. 6, Iss. 3; May 2018

1. Galvanic Corrosion Behaviour of Zinc Nickel Alloy Plated 15CDV6 Steel Coupled with Zinc Aluminum Flake Coated AISI 4340 Steel
       Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Indumathi Vijey • B.V. Subba Rao • C.V.S. Murthy • Dasharath Ram Yadav
         Volume 6, Issue 3: Page 792-796                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-3.1Download PDF

2. Effect of the Thickness on the Phase Shift and Damping of A Material Based on Rice Husks and Cement          

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Vincent Prodjinonto • Abdoulaye Assoundo • Christophe Awanto 
         Volume 6, Issue 3: Page 797-801                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-3.2 Download PDF

3. Synthesis of Polyaniline without Metal Doping and Its Characterization  

         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Ankit Gupta • Mahendra Kumar
         Volume 6, Issue 3: Page 802-804                                  
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-3.3 Download PDF

4. Magnetic suspension balance for measurement of sorption isotherm of Tectona grandis wood species (building material) in the Republic of Benin  
         Article Type: Research Article
         Author(s): Houngan Comlan Aristide • Agbomahena Bienvenu Macaire • Djossou A. Armand    
                            Anjorin Malahimi • Kounouhewa Basile • Vianou Antoine
         Volume 6, Issue 3: Page 805-810                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-3.4 Download PDF

5. Biomedical Applications and Toxicological Effects of Nanomaterials: A General Approach 

         Article Type: Review Article
         Author(s): Sumit Pokhriyal · Neeru Gakkhar · Anita Bhatia
         Volume 6, Issue 3: Page 811-816                                    
         DOI-N: 10.jmsse/2348-8956/6-3.5 Download PDF